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Adrian J Singleton Limited supports the maintenance of the natural habitat for red squirrels in the UK


Our Green Policies

Adrian J Singleton Limited has established itself in a different way to the conventional arrangement for most chartered building surveying practices.  Although based in Essex and London, we can and do act anywhere in the UK because we can compete with established practices in terms of our fees and our ability to respond quickly and effectively.  This is why we are truly Essex London UK  surveyors with national reach.

We recognise that avoiding paper altogether is not possible but as far as is practicable we use modern information and communication technologies to save the waste of paper even if paper is, in theory, a renewable resource.  Whilst wood pulp can be reproduced by replacement trees, the whole process uses up carbon resources and in felling trees the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed is temporarily reduced, to say nothing of the bleaching processes needed to create crisp and clear white paper. Therefore we do everything we can online and in so doing consider ourselves to be more effective, quicker to respond, leaner and less polluting than many of comparable firms.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for Party Wall Act Surveyors to issue notices and Awards under the Party Wall Act in the UK entirely electronically.  It never will be appropriate so paper will have to suffice.  But even then, there are steps that can be taken to reduce the amount of paper that is exchanged between the two appointed surveyors and we strive to achieve this.

Of course, the electronics used to transmit the data to and from our computers to yours has an environmental cost as well, but the carbon footprint is managed on an industrial scale by the energy producers and for all its faults, electricity is an extremely effective and convenient means of instant messaging and highly adaptable at the electron level for the transmission of data.  Furthermore, with the growing adoption of fibre-optic cabling, the actual electronic data steams are becoming less environmentally damaging.

Paper produces waste in the form of dead storage space for the 'just in case' need to hold on to old records that these days can be safely and securely backup on a number of independent sites in digital image forms on disk and solid state drives taking up virtually no space at all, and stored in such way that they require no energy consumption whatsoever to be stored indefinitely.

Buildings are themselves becoming more technologically aware of environment and innovations to reduce energy consumption during construction, occupation and demolition are constantly evolving.  We at Adrian J Singleton Limited will continue to develop our services in such a way that all we leave behind will be our footsteps and a safe, clean world for the generations to come.

7th August 2012

Adrian J Singleton BSc Hons MRICS
Adrian J Singleton Limited

Regulated by RICS