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Building Surveys for the Homebuyer

If you are looking to buy a home, whether it is a flat, maisonette, bungalow or house, and regardless of its age you should always have an independent survey carried out.

Using Chartered Building Surveyors for confidence and reliability

Adrian J Singleton Limited will always ensure that you are provided with the best advice by taking care from the outset and we will ensure that you are given teh best possible advice about the condition of the property you are considering and guidance on issues that need careful consideration. Our chartered building surveyors cover Essex, London and all counties and regions throughout the UK.

Buying a property is not to be undertaken lightly

If you are obtaining a mortgage, you will be familiar with the concept of a mortgage valuation survey and usually you will be obliged to pay a fee for this on top of your loan.  Please note this is NOT a survey that offers you any protection whatsoever in terms of the building's condition.  The purpose of such a survey is to enable to lender to determine if the property is sufficient security for the loan and in that regard the standard of test is very low indeed.  The surveyor is merely checking that the building exists, that it is habitable and that it has the basic services connected to it.  They do not look for specific defects and in most cases they will not be concerned if the building is in want of repair because it is an implied covenant of any mortgage that the borrower will keep the building in good condition.  Remember, the bank or building society is lending you the money to buy your home but should you run ito difficulties later, they can sieze your home and sell it to recover the debt leaving you only with any residual value if the property's sale value exceeds the value of the loan outstanding.

Survey Types

At first glance there may be a bewildering array of surveys for you to choose from as the common names for a domestic property survey can include -

  • Structural Survey
  • Building Survey
  • Fabric Survey
  • Homebuyer's Survey
  • RICS Homebuyer's Survey

Essentially they are all the same.  Indeed here at Adrian J Singleton Limited we use just the one name, Homebuyer's Building Survey, to cover all eventualities.  Our Hoembuyer's Building Survey comprises the following examination and a report to match -

  1. Examination of the basic property particulars - this includes -
    • Its type and age
    • its form of construction
    • the accommodation it provides
    • outbuildings including garages and other permanent buildings and boundary walls
    • the location relative to local facilities and transport links.
    • Council tax band
  2. Examination of the building - the intital focus is on the primary defects that can affect a property including -
    • Movement - such as heave, settlement, subsidence, and thermal movement
    • Timber defects - such as wet or dry rot or wood-boring beetle infestation
    • Dampness - such as rising damp, penetrating damp, or condensation
    • Thermal Insulation - its presence or absence and its adequacy
  3. The Exterior of the building - we examine the following typical components, but will include any others found at the time of inspection -
    • Roof structure and covering
    • Chimneys, masts and other projections
    • Rainwater fittings
    • Main walls
    • External joinery (windows and doors, etc)
    • External decoration
  4. The Interior of the building - we examine the following typical components but will include any others found at the time of inspection -
    • Roof space (where accessible)
    • Ceilings and soffits
    • Floors and landings
    • Internal walls and partitions
    • Habitable rooms, kitchen and bathroom(s)
    • Staircases, balustrades and handrails
    • Fireplaces, hearths and inglenooks
    • Internal joinery (windows, doors and screens, etc)
    • Internal decoration
  5. The Services to the building - we check for the presence and any test evidence of the following services -
    • Electricity
    • Gas
    • Water
    • Heating
    • Telephone and/or Cable
    • Foul drainage to main drainage or tanks
    • Surface water drainage to main drainage or soakaways
  6. Outbuildings, Grounds and Boundaries - we check the condition of the following -
    • Permanent outbuildings such as brick garages and sheds, but not timber nor composite sheds nor greenhouses
    • Formally made up footpaths, runways, patios or drives, but not lawns, bushes, trees and soil, nor ponds or other water features
    • Masonry walls and permanent boundary markers but not timber fences nor concrete post and panel fences, nor chainlink or other informal boundary devices
  7. Legal Matters
    • Tenure - whether freehold, leasehold, etc
    • Regulations and Statutory Approvals, etc
    • Guarantees, etc
    • Party Wall Act matters, etc
  8. Valuation
    • Market Value - guided by local conditions and if comparables are available for assessment
    • Insurance Cover - this is the valuation of the total rebuilding cost that you should ensure is provided to your insurers to be certain of adequate cover in the event of a claim - this figure will not be the same as and may be higher or lower than the Market Value.  The method of valuation is in accordance with the Association of British Insurers and RICS guidelines.

Add On Services

Just as with our commercial clients, you may be interested in asking for us to undertake additional functions when we carry out the survey of the property to enable you to plan for the future.  Our additional services include -

  1. Measured Survey and Plans - this useful addition will provide you with a floor plan for each storey of the property you are considering that will assit you with furniture layouts, considering alterations and modifications, and is a useful record for any building. 
  2. Measured Survey, Plans and Elevations - this is a very useful service if you wish to consider making extensions to the building or revising its external appearance as you will need to submit plans and elevations to the local authority for planning consent.  The drawinsg will also form the basis upon which you can prepare cosntruction plans for the the Building Regulations and for contractors to prepare estimates for building works, etc.

Enquiry for a Homebuyers Building Survey

If you would like to receive a quotation for a Homebuyer's Building Survey based on the above description of the service, please complete the enquiry form below - we do not share this inofrmation with anyone else and only use this information to prepare a quotation for you -
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