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Party Walls and Adjacent Excavations A Summary of the Party Wall Etc Act 1996

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Party Walls and Adjacent Excavations

Using Chartered Building Surveyors for confidence and reliability

Adrian J Singleton Limited will always ensure that you are provided with the best advice whether you are a building owner or an adjoining owner.

Our chartered building surveyors cover Essex, London and all counties and regions throughout the UK.  The Party Wall Act only covers England and Wales and hence is not applicable to boundaries with Scotland or with the embassies of foreign countries.

Our director, Adrian J Singleton Bsc Hons MRICS is an experienced Party Wall Surveyor and can assist with the drafting and service of notices to adjoining owners, and will act as the appointed surveyor for either or both parties in accordance with Section 10 of the Party Wall Etc Act 1996

Each owner is entitled to appoint a surveyor of their choice but the Act does allow for both parties to concur on the appointment of an Agreed Surveyor which can substantially reduce costs, usually always entirely met by the building owner serving the notices.  Careful presentation of notices, especially in domestic situations, can encourage an adjoining owner to concur on the use of the Agreed Surveyor without infringing that owner's legal rights and thereby legally reduce the total professional costs incurred when acquiring the rights that the Act can confer on the building owner.

Key Benefits for using the Party Wall Etc Act 1996

  • Substantial reduction in interference on a building development from adjoining owners otherwise forced to invoke common law remedies to frustrate progress.
  • Certainty of the rights and duties of both owners to effect the conbstruction work in the form of a legally binding Party Wall Award detailing such matters as extent of access onto adjoining land and buildings, hours of working, determination of any rights to compensation for disruption to the adjoining property for the duration of the works.
  • Ability to build on the full extent of the land and to place external walls at the face of, or if agreed astride, the boundary between adjacent land.  This is of some considerable value for terraced and semi-detached properties. 

Further Information about the Party Wall Etc Act

For further information on the Act and how it can be of use to a building owner, and how the adjoining owner can respond to it, is available here.


Building Owner's Appointed Surveyor 
Adrian Singleton has acted as appointed surveyor for the building owner in connection with works proposed under the rights granted to building owners upon due service of notices for works falling within the scope of Sections 1, 2, and 6 of the Act on numerous occasions and has held this appointment on projects involving private houses, social housing, commercial developments and telecommunications buildings.
Adjoining Owner's Appointed Surveyor
Adrian Singleton has acted as appointed surveyor for one or more adjoining owners responding to notices served under Sections 1(2), 1(5), Section 3 and/or Section 6 of the Act on numerous occasions and has also advised on counter notices under Section 4.  He has held this appointment on projects involving private houses, social housing, commercial developments and telecommunications buildings.
Agreed Surveyor 
Where concurrence on the personality of the appointed surveyor for each owner has arisen, Adrian Singleton has acted as the Agreed Surveyor and settled matters by Award acting in the best interests of both parties in terms of the rights and duties under the Act
Third Surveyor
Adrian Singleton will act as the Third Surveyor in connection with any instance of the use of the Party Wall Etc Act and is happy to be selected by the Appointed Surveyors in such circumstances. Although technically this slection only comes into effect if the two appointed surveyors cannot agree on some point in their duties, it is preferred if advice of such selection is conveyed to Adrian Singleton whenever his chosen for this role.

Typical Examples

Mackeson Road, London NW3 
Building Owner's Appointed Surveyor for one boundary, and Agreed Surveyor for another on same project for domestic extension work.
Willow Road, London NW3 
Building Owner's Appointed Surveyor for two boundaries for a substantial remodelling of a Georgian townhouse. 
Walnut Tree Walk, London SE11 
Building Owner's Appointed Surveyor for multiple boundaries in connection with the redevelopment of a Victorian terrace within a cul-de-sac and backing onto land and property along three sides.

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