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Chartered Building Surveyors, Party Wall Act Surveyors in Essex, London, and throughout the UK
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Chartered Building Surveyors regulated by RICS

Adrian J Singleton Limited is a firm that is 'regulated by RICS', which means that it carries out its business in accordance with and is accountable to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in London.  RICS is the governing body for the profession of  chartered surveyors, including the alternate designation of chartered building surveyors, and RICS is the mark of property professionalism worldwide.

Regulation affects all of our activities including Party Wall Act work and it doesn't matter whether we are working in Essex, London or any other county or district in the UK or anywhere worldwide, the professional ethics and standards we are working to remain unchanged.

Firms regulated by RICS have to have a majority of Chartered Surveyors owning and operating the business whether they are partners, members of a limited liability partnership or directors of a limited company.  Such firms must maintain a complaints procedure and professional indemnity insurance for the protection of clients in the case of errors.  Since we are a regulated firm, as our client  you will be afforded the very best attention at all times and should you encounter any dissatisfaction or problem with our service, you will be given priority when seeking to find a resolution that will protect your investment.

For more information concerning RICS, please click here to see its own external website.

Regulated by RICS